Artist, Writer & Performer 

"Growing up, I was always playing music. My mom sang opera and I was a stagehand. Since my son Maxx was tragically taken from me, my life has a new purpose. I’m working with charities to help young adults and the children of our world with positive songs and lyrics. A portion of all proceeds from my music will benefit Sweet Relief (” 

With his unique voice, this singer-songwriter has gained new fans everywhere as a result of radio exposure and performances at numerous hotels, media conferences, and casinos. Many say that Scott’s voice sounds like Cat Stevens. The messages in his songs speak of inspiration, hope and belief in the human spirit, no matter how bad things seem. Scott says, “I believe we are all going through things, good and bad, and music is always a comfort to lean on so I put my soul into every melody and lyric that I write.” His music looks to the future with optimism and hope for all. 

Scott’s dream is to raise the awareness of the world of what is to come for 5D man. He feels that our reality is frequency. To that end, his music is played in 432Hz (world frequency) versus the traditional 440Hz. Scott’s dream is performing in mystical/magical places of wonder with amazing acoustics and ambiance like the Wall of China, Angkor Wat, Tianmen Mountain, Tibet, India, and Giza Pyramids. “My goal is to help raise the frequency of all human beings and the planet.”

After the incredible response to his five-song EP, Scott went back into the studio to finish his full album titled Ascended Man. Working with top L.A. musicians and hitmaker Producer, Marc Tanner (Madonna, Aerosmith, Wilson Phillips), Scott created more of his signature, soulful music that was mixed by multi-Grammy winner and legendary engineer/mixer, David Thoener (David Bowie, John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Santana, Rob Thomas). Ascended Man is now available at all online stores and streaming services. 


Here are some of the venues that Scott has performed at: 

Marriott Hotels 

Four Seasons Hotels 

MGM Hotels 

Hyatt Hotels 

Playa Viva Music Festival - Mexico 

Conscious Life Expo - L.A. CA 

Red Rocks 

La Quinta Palm Springs 

Disney Grand Floridian 

Del Coronado Hotel 

Canadian Life Expo 

Diplomat Hollywood 

Monarch Beach Resort and Casino 

Life Expo - South Florida