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                                SCOTT HOWARD



Even as a young child of only seven years old, Scott Howard has always embraced music as a key component of his expression and have been fascinated by how it can evoke emotions and transform those around him. Howard observed how, depending on the frequency or sound employed, music might either restore or soothe a painful memory. As a child, Scott Howard realized what made people listen, even in a whisper…. Howard’s influences range from Cat Stevens, Neil Young, The Beatles, CSNY, Moody Blues, and YES. Howard uses his personal experiences to convey his optimism, inspiration, and faith in the capacity of the human spirit. For Howard, performing in locations like the Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat, Tianmen Mountain, Tibet, India, and the Giza Pyramids is the stuff of dreams. Howard employs the same tuning as some of the most well-known composers in history, including Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach, tuning to 432 Hz. Scott Howard’s dream is to raise awareness of human ascension – “helping the earth and all inhabitant awaken to their true potential”.

Growing up on the South Shore of Long Island, Scott Howard recalls developing his talent playing in rock bands as early as age 11. His father managed the band called “The Gemini 5”.  Back then, Scott always had questions that his music now seems to answer…  In 2017, Scott Howard underwent a spiritual awakening that brought him to the NEW Genre of Music …SOURCE MUSIC in 432 Hz… In 2018, tragedy struck when his son Maxx died from an unintentional drug overdose.  Maxx was to perform with his father as the lead guitarist in the band. The mystery and depth of Howard’s transcendental music were heightened by this tragic event and magnified a spiritual journey that seemed destined to help others on their paths as well. His wildly successful album Ascended Man from 2018 served as the impetus for this journey and was highlighted in Billboard Magazine. Through his music, Howard’s songs tell a tale of his journey from what he considers a physical false road of atonement to the true spiritual realm of enlightenment through his music..

Scott asserts that his music is written prophetically, channeled from SOURCE performed in an ancient frequency to aid in raising everyone’s awareness and vibration with this new genre of music performed in the 432 Hz frequency to the world. Scott Howard is here to awaken us to the reality of these times – “music shows we are all the same, with the same imperfections, with a past and history unknown, music can take away the scarcity of fear… and the overabundance of love…as below…is not above,” says Scott Howard, who is here to awaken us to the realities of these times.

Scott Howard has experienced life from both sides. Since becoming aware of the reality of this existence, Howard has not offered his soul spark to anybody other than the light of Source. To encourage you to open your heart to the genuine truth of our past, present, and future is Howard’s goal. Partnership with Source Music in 432 Hz aids individuals in starting or continuing their soul’s mission while also supporting them in reclaiming their memories and sense of self.


Scott Howard’s music has acquired a significant fan base of loyal “Ascended Fans” all around the world with over 13 million streams. Critics praised his EP “The Language of Clouds,” which was released in May 2020. In order to prevent us from making the same mistakes again in the future, Howard wants to help satiate our hunger for knowledge, truth, and the real tale of who we were in our previous lifetimes. “The world is in desperate need of truth and light, both of which are few in this dark fable… A soul mission of Scott’s music is to assist folks who have lost sight of who they are and to start the journey of self-discovery…The world is starving for truth and light… of which this dark fairytale has very little… hopefully, I can play a part in the show and shed some light on the truth and create a seed of …what if.”

Each song on Scott’s albums tells a story that leads to the next, helping those who have lost sight of who they are to begin the road of self-discovery. Some of Scott Howard’s past albums include The Secret of Time, The Zen of Planets, Ascended Man, and Language of Clouds.

With the soundtrack released on vinyl and another first performance in 432 Hz, Scott produced his debut concert film released in 2020, “A World Ascension Tour…LIVE at Village Studios in 432 Hz ” available on Amazon Prime. It has since garnered 5-star reviews, “This is possibly the most epic live concert I’ve ever seen! Scott Howard and his incredible band deliver a flawless performance. From the staging to the highly stimulating visuals, this production was indeed a masterpiece! I was amazed by the spiritual depth of the music and its thought-provoking lyrics. The concert was so deeply inspiring and eye-opening that I literally was in awe for minutes after the show ended lost in my own thoughts and imagination.”

His upcoming album is “Angel Numbers,” which will feature 10 brand-new songs in 432 Hz, and is expected to be his best work to date.  

A Light Worker’s Journey, a 300-page eBook by Scott Howard that details his life’s awakening and transformation, will be published and made available soon.

“What I do, what I write, and what I read in the comments serve as reminders of how each of us influences the lives of others… supporting one another is the lifeblood we need. When music connects, it has a universal impact and helps people even in a small way.  

“I hope this music resonates throughout the Universe…. Give music a chance… share it… and spread the love…”